The Last Message

I’m sorry if I did this thing

I can’t take this pain I’m hiding

I’m sorry if I’m so selfish

I know nobody will miss me

I’m sorry I’m not strong enough to overcome this problem

And ended up this battle

Why Do People Take a Suicide?

Maybe they can’t handle the problem that they’re suffering from; maybe they’ve been hurt for a long time but no one lend an ear just to listen on their dramas; maybe they’re a victim of bullying. To all the people who’ve hurt them, do you even sleep at night knowing that you’ve hurt that people? Do you have any conscience left in your self? Don’t you think if you bully someone there’s a negative effect on them? Don’t you think that? Don’t you think that people need a shoulder to cry on? But no one else did that for them nor feel what they feel ’cause you only think of yourself. Too bad! No one else sees the burden on his/her eyes and they think the only way to escape the pain is to suicide.