When people ask me about the loveliest thing I’ve ever seen, I always say your name. Especially when you laughed.


I Never See Myself

I never see myself dating a guy like you.
I never see myself falling deeper in love to a guy like you.
I never see myself being with a handsome guy like you.
I never see myself kissing you.

And I can’t still believe it. I think it’s a miracle. You’re famous especially on Tumblr and hundreds of people there know you and your writings. I still don’t know why am the person you choose to love? I’m so lucky to be noticed and loved by you, Juansen Dizon.

I’m so lucky to have a loving, caring and understanding boyfriend like you. I love you, always remember that! I’m forever yours, Juansen Dizon.

And I’m sorry for all the pain. I love you…