His Soul

If you want someone, looks will not matter on you because in the first place, his soul is what really captures you.



I don’t care if your eyes look tired. One thing I knew for sure is it smiled whenever you see me.


I felt devastated when it comes to heartbreak. Funny how broken I am every year. Funny how I am always left behind yearly. Well maybe happiness isn’t really meant for me. Perhaps I was destined to be alone forever. And no one will ever stay for someone who has a fucking attitude. I think I can’t really change who I am. I’m stuck for being like this. For being a destroyer. And hopefully there’s a way left for me to change this. Only miracle can do it. For I don’t want to lose the love of my life forever. And I’ll think that this is not our end. Maybe there’s another book for us to be written by God. I have no choice but to let him go so I won’t distract his healing process. I don’t want to destroy him wholly. I now decided to set him free and I’ll move on even if it’s hard.


I guess I’m the only one who make an effort to see him every fifth day of the week. I remember when we’re new, he’s able to accompany me at the station or even call me at night with not knowing what to say. And then things get rough, it change. Should I stop this craziness? I’m just sick of this cycles.