Inspired by ‘Holding Up the Universe’

“What if you had this prosopagnosia like Jack Masselin, how would you distinguished me?”, I asked.

“Your smell”, he said.

I chuckled for a seconds.

“Woah. Is it really that rare my smell?”, I replied.

“Absolutely, yes. I like your smell. It feels like home”, he replied.


Too Much

Too much overthinking and too much sadness are the things that will destroy me.

Your Nurse

“I am deeply wounded, love. I can’t stay here for a long time”, he uttered.

“God would mended the wounded parts of you”, I replied.

“He sent you an amazing nurse”, I added.

“Who?”, he asked.

“Me. My deep affection for you would somehow lessened the pain that you’re feeling”, I answered.

Birthday Wish

“There’s a shooting star, make a wish for it’s your birthday”, he said.

“As if my wish will come true”, I replied.

“Okay. What if genies were real and she want you to wish for one thing, what would it be?” he replied.

“Maybe… a peaceful death tonight”, I whispered.

If My Death Comes

My love,
if the day comes
where I no longer see
how mesmerizing your beauty to my eyes
if I’m no longer breathing
I hope
you find a reason
to keep on going,
to keep your fire blazing,
even though I am not there to make you laugh when you cry,
to embrace you when you were asleep,
to hold your hands when crossing the streets,
to cook you food when you’re hungry,
to be with you for the rest of your life
I promise you
you’re the only sole person
I will love in this life and after.