I am still imprisoned by this dark past memories

Created by the monsters inside my head

Playing like a record everyday

Devours all the positivity I have

The pain,

the melancholy,

Are the things that I remember at the end of the day


3 thoughts on “Trapped

  1. Try this: LOVE. Just love, no strings back. Just because you want to and you will not be deterred. Not about what they are going to do back or gratitude, try loving the act of loving and practise it. Count your acts of love especially to those who dont deserve, every single one is an achievement, dont think on it, do it. If they hate you, love them, if they hurt you forgive them, just love. If they are ungrateful, love them and do more. Its an achievement. Do not hold on to the pain, do not fight it or try to resist or avoid, embrace it, welcome it, and let it pass through you, let it hurt and let it go. Practise it. One day you will realize that your war is not with the people but the acts and they try to change you or break you and their lack of success will delight you. They try to break you, love even more, its a victory because they tried to and failed. And hate becoming what makes you that way, hate succumbing to it, love for spite against the acts going against you. Just love and count your badges of achievement and be proud of what you accomplish, be proud in the act and never wait for feedback. You did, be proud. I promise you, it will work, I guarantee it, just be persistent. Just love.

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