Happy Memories

If pandemic didn’t happen, I could have spend more Friday nights with you—dining to our favorite fast food chain after you fetch me from school then we’ll stay in the coffee shop or convenience store just to wait until it’s past 10 p.m. so I can sneak to your house and have a sleepover there wherein watching movies and playing Mobile Legends are our thing until one of us feels drowsy. Sleeping next to you was one of the soothing feeling and I feel safe whenever I’m with you and I never slept with someone else before. Then in the morning, the first thing you’ll do to wake me up is to hug and kiss me even though I didn’t gargle yet. It’s only a few memories yet I’m smiling every time I remember it all. Honestly, what I really love about you is how you put so much effort in our relationship like preparing our meals, you never allow me to go home alone because it’s not that safe at night even if it’s 2 hours away from your home, you always put me first and you always accompany me with my spontaneous trips. I never felt this consistency before. You are the only person who did this and I feel lucky to have met a guy that I will love for the rest of my fucked up life.


This is why I love to stay at my lover’s house because of this cutie who likes to greet me every time that I go there as if I am her owner. It’s been months that we’re not seeing each other due to pandemic and I am hoping that she still knows me since I find a hard time for it took me days before she recognize me. I love you and I really miss you, panying. I can’t wait to see you again, my stress reliever.

Alone Time

Once you feel that you are no longer belong, take a break for a while to anything that causes you to worry or might walk away and seek for a peace of mind. What’s the point of being with those people who makes you feel alone? You will ponder that the more you spend time with them, the more you think that it’s pointless and toxic. Why would you bother to socialize with them when you can enjoy yourself by your own? You can read books as long as you want, listen to a joyful records, watch your favorite movie, cook some meals for yourself, play with your dog’s belly and sometimes gazing on a wonderful nature can make you feel whole.