Half Soul



If the day comes when you ask me if we can still be together, I’ll refuse it. I’ll never allow you to enter my life and be miserable again. Want to know why? For I know you will leave me again if you found yourself unhappily with me.


“If I told you that I love you, it’s true”

“Are you kidding me? I’m homely. What made you fall in love to a guy like me?”

“I’m serious. Do you think someone’s appearance really matter on me? It’s your soul that really gets me. And I feel comfortable when I’m with you”

Dear J,

I know a place where we can watch the sun setting. I remember how you badly want to watch the sun setting at Manila Bay for it’s your bucket list but I refuse it for you have a memory with your past lover there. And it’s too late because you’re one month gone. Maybe I’ll watch it alone thinking that you’re still with me, that you still love me.


Someday you’re going to meet someone who’ll stay for good even if he discover the worst side of you. He’ll calm down all the monsters inside of you that cause you to atrocity. And that person is your soul mate. Never let him go.